#climatechange and #COP21 on Twitter

If your tweet includes #climatechange and #COP21 today, you will see little icons of a green earth in the heart shape and the COP logo next to the hashtags in respectively.

This is nice of Twitter. I like it.


Twitter lies

I don’t follow these 13 people in the list below (by my personal account), suggested to my test account. 13 out of 26, half of them.

I really don’t mind these people recommended to me. But I don’t like the fact that it states ‘Followed by Jenny N‘, which is not true.

You either deliberately lie or your algorithm fucks it up. Either way, it’s quite dodgy.


Sir Patrick Stewart and Twitter

I feel like if I have to persuade my grandmother to start using Twitter, she will respond exactly the same way as Patrick does. Super cute, yet rather awkward. Social media what??!


Saw this hash tag comes trendy on Twitter today. And since 140 characters are not just enough, here goes:

1. Be happy, extremely happy, even for no reason.
2. Listen, but selectively.
3. Use good judgement.
4. Never stop learning.
5. Only do things you can tell the world that you do it. Don’t submit yourself to anything you don’t believe in.
6. Sports and music brings happiness.
7. Place long-term goal over short-term fulfillment, value over vanity.
8. You should only be scared of yourself, your ambition and your capacity. You are your own enemy and obstacle. None else.
9. You don’t need to impress anyone, but your mother (that’s me!).
10. Sleep and time solves most of the problems.

This is only true at the moment written. Life may change me and my mindset 🙂

Inline image 1(Src: Twitter)

have you got CARROT-ed? @CARROT_app

I stumbled upon this article yesterday and the title got my attention. I was curious how sadistic an App can be so i downloaded CARROT to try.

It.is.so.FUN!!! (And really sadistic lol)

What I like about this app is not how well it manages my tasks (compared to Astrid) but all its personality, randomness and the fact that it makes me feel like it’s talking to me.


CARROT is moody

CARROT has mood swings.

CARROT is a badass.

CARROT does swear (that’s how i interpret “BEEP”)

CARROT likes kittens (I don’t. I just like it that a kitten is brought into our ‘conversation’)

CARROT can get bad-tempered. Tickle it!


CARROT talks to me

Because of all this, i’m abusing CARROT with adding and removing nonexistent tasks just to see what else it will come up with 🙂 And have I mentioned i love the name CARROT lol?

This is a really good example for “Idea doesn’t matter. Execution does!

More about CARROT: http://www.meetcarrot.com/

what’s your twitter name?

I don’t know about you and others but i do search on people who i’m interested in knowing their background and what they have been up to. Don’t jump to the conclusion with the word ‘stalking’ yet.

Stalking is a term commonly used to refer to unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them. The word stalking is used, with some differing meanings, in psychology and psychiatry and also in some legal jurisdictions as a term for acriminal offense. Src

So if I’ve talked to you once, you handed me your name-card and I put your name on Google Search and these happen:
– I figured out your Facebook, saw a few recent activities
– I got your Twitter, read some recent tweets
– Saw your face popping up here and there on Google, click those images to see what’s up
– Stumbled upon your blog (which might potentially be the 1st link in Google search result)

These activities can’t be labeled as “unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual toward another person” or “harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them” – then it’s simply not stalking.

But that’s not my point here.

Nowadays when it’s just so easy to search for something, i will take the liberty to assume that people are free and opened to do any kind of search, including stalking-like-but-definitely-not activities as aforementioned.

So when someone asks me “do you use twitter?” or “what’s your twitter name?“, the thought that naturally comes to my mind will be “you mean you can’t search for it?“. I guess people are just that much self-conscious to not let others think of themselves as ‘stalkers‘ but to me it’s like: c’mon you should have got it with a click on google. It’s even likely that you have probably read through all the shits i put on my twitter. If you like, you can follow my twitter account already and for courtesy sake, you should probably ask “you mind if i follow you on twitter” instead while i actually think it’s not necessary. What is there to ask what my twitter is like you expect me to spell out my twitter username for you? (Wah! I’m surprised i can get this out in a single breath)

So people, it’s okay when you randomly add/follow strangers/anyone you’ve just met for once (like in a networking session) on social media platforms. Don’t need to go around the bush by trivial questions like “what’s your twitter name?” unless you really can’t find it (as if it’s “strawberry candy baby girl 393948034982042”) – because it’s just annoying.

Well, at least to me, I definitely can’t speak for others.

how to insert Twitter timeline into WordPress page?

I was playing around with customization for my blog today and find this awesome-looking Twitter timeline in Twitter Widgets page.

I’d like to have one of this embedded onto my blog but i can’t seem to get the code working. All it turns out to be is just raw code lines on the front page. I’ve been searching for a solution on the interwebs and seems like i’m not the only person who encounters this issue. Anyways, there’s a question raised about whether WordPress is still supporting the integration for Twitter widget and it has not been addressed.

I would need to search for more clues from Google.