Coming from a place like Singapore where the weather is hot and humid all year long, one can only enjoy too much a winter. An awesome change – we kept telling ourselves and people who asked her what we thought of the city.

We survived 3 months of winter with occasional nights when the temperature could drop to below 0 degrees. We thought it was totally tolerable.

Then, summer came eventually and we got to enjoy amazingly stunning beaches, hours of lying under the sun and reading, coming to work in shorts and flip-flops (the locals call them jandals instead) and of course a profound variety of yummy fruits – berries, peaches, nectarines – oh gosh.

And now May is just around the corner, I really hope summer doesn’t end too early 😦


Tom Yum in NZ

Best one i’ve tried so far is from Thai House Restaurant in New Plymouth. Surprisingly affordable.

La Cigale

If I have no place to go chill out on a Sunday, La Cigale is my plan B. I’m totally cool with having a spicy sausage bun while sipping some good mocha and listening to happy live tunes, when all else fails.

La Cigale

69 St Georges Bay Rd, Parnell 1052
09-366 9361

Whinyard habour #travelThursday

Whinyard habour 1

A mini pop-up bookstore slash library by the Harbour. How chillaxing the atmosphere and how nice the weather was. The picture doesn’t go justice but it was pretty windy and freezing cold that day.

Whinyard habour 2

Then of course, fish and chips at Auckland Fish Markets. The best part.

Nikko, Japan #travelThursday

If you ask which city is my favourite one in Japan, I shall unhesitatingly tell you it’s Nikko.

The Japanese saying “Never say ‘kekko’ until you’ve seen Nikko”; kekko meaning beautiful, magnificent or “I am satisfied” is a reflection of the beauty and sites in Nikkō. Src


It’s so true! Nikko is stunning, breathtaking and picturesque. My words and lousy pictures can not do justice to describe the beauty of Nikko. I was literally speechless upon arriving at Lake Chuzenji.

In my wild imagination, I dream of retiring in Nikko. I would wake up every morning to this beautiful scene. I would enjoy a slow breakfast and take my time to water the flowers. I would then take a walk along the lakeside, dipping my feet to the cold water and watching how feet play with the ripples. I could spend hours sitting at the bench looking at this sparkling surface while the wind makes a mess out of my hair. You say nothing but hugging me tight.

And Canon in D is playing in the background.

Okay, my imagination just stops short there. I don’t know what I should do with this beautiful scene for the rest of the day. But since in my imagination, I have already retired and basically just killed time with anything, I guess anything else would do.

On a serious note, Nikko is too beautiful for words.

holiday ends :(

Tokyo on a Friday night

So, I have been back in Singapore. Those have been 10 tiring days that I had my feet placed on 14 cities. I almost forgot how my normal life used to be 😀

Now i’m sitting here, facing my usual day to day stuff, my mind is still surfing above the sparkling surface of Lake Chuzenji. Japan has been nothing short of an amazing experience to me. Aside, I’m overwhelmed by the gratitude for so many things. For the trip that went so well, for the boyfriend who has been incredibly caring and patient with me, for the opportunities I’ve been still getting when I’m away, for the people who care … for everything.

I shall share interesting bits and pieces of Japan when going through about 2000 photos we’ve taken during the trip. But now, back to this life, I’m having pretty much of stuff on my plate to sort out. Start with doing up my to-do list first!