Coming from a place like Singapore where the weather is hot and humid all year long, one can only enjoy too much a winter. An awesome change – we kept telling ourselves and people who asked her what we thought of the city.

We survived 3 months of winter with occasional nights when the temperature could drop to below 0 degrees. We thought it was totally tolerable.

Then, summer came eventually and we got to enjoy amazingly stunning beaches, hours of lying under the sun and reading, coming to work in shorts and flip-flops (the locals call them jandals instead) and of course a profound variety of yummy fruits – berries, peaches, nectarines – oh gosh.

And now May is just around the corner, I really hope summer doesn’t end too early 😦


La Cigale

If I have no place to go chill out on a Sunday, La Cigale is my plan B. I’m totally cool with having a spicy sausage bun while sipping some good mocha and listening to happy live tunes, when all else fails.

La Cigale

69 St Georges Bay Rd, Parnell 1052
09-366 9361

Whinyard habour #travelThursday

Whinyard habour 1

A mini pop-up bookstore slash library by the Harbour. How chillaxing the atmosphere and how nice the weather was. The picture doesn’t go justice but it was pretty windy and freezing cold that day.

Whinyard habour 2

Then of course, fish and chips at Auckland Fish Markets. The best part.

The first nandos

A few years back when G was studying in Melbourne, he often told me how much he liked Nando’s. It was pretty much the regular hangout spot with his mates.

The year he came back to Singapore, 2009, Nando’s opened their first restaurant in Bugis. Needless to say how happy he was. After a while waiting for the hype which expectedly happened to any new shop coming to Singapore to be over, we had our first Nando’s experience ever in Singapore. It didn’t turn out to be as great as expected. Perhaps, our expectations were too high, but the chicken wasn’t as fantastic as how I had imagined it to be.

As a result, that was the one and only meal at Nando’s that we had. Never came back.

Our second week here in Auckland, on one of the Fridays that we couldn’t decide what to eat, we gave Nando’s another chance. This time it did make a difference. Or was it because we were already drop dead hungry? Or the Nando’s in Auckland was simply better?

I don’t know man.

The truth is the draft of this post has stayed in my inbox for so long that I have even forgotten what the original purpose of it is. I shall rest my case here.

Mission Bay

My ex-housemates (funny how I’ve been here for merely a month and I have already had ex-housemates) asked me if I would like to go to ‘Machine Bay’ the other day. I figured out later it was ‘Mission Bay‘. LOL.

photo 1
Lovely white sand

It took probably 15 – 20 mins drive from the city centre. The view on the way there is absolutely stunning. Kiwis here tell me they feel like they are in a foreign country when they are 2-hour drive away from the city – now I have seen and totally understood what they mean.

photo 2
Active volcano at the beachfront

Mission Bay is the only beach in Auckland where you will find food around – that was what my ex-housemates told me. In fact, we were visiting my ex-housemates’ friends who works at Oporto there, so she gave us some really yummy burgers. Delicious bites on a spectacular freezing beach – about right.

The sand is really picturesque. What I saw there was very much a typical movie scene: couples wandering hand in hand, baby boy running along the coastline with his dog, baby girl building a sand castle… oh so peaceful.

My friends said the volcano is active and it can erupt anytime. I was thankful it didn’t when I was there.

photo 3
Sunset at Mission Bay

Sun set pretty early at Mission Bay. We were at the beach for mostly an hour and the sky had changed its color just within the hour. So, there it goes, the beautiful sunset by the beach.

Find out more about Mission Bay.

self entertaining

Trying to cheer myself up by looking at this

and imagine it is this

(img src)

the kids who burst the stadium

My boyfriend has got to watch the match between Saigon Heat and San Miguel Beermen of the Philippines (more details of the match here) in Saigon over the weekend and he shot this video.

An intense battle between the owner, Connor Nguyen and the coach (not sure what his name is) of SGH versus 2 little greenie cuties which i have no clue where they are from.

My gosh, the kids are too cute i feel like i can hold them dearly on my palm and put them into my jacket pocket. The girl’s pony tail is just so … awww.

And what’s with the incredible stamina in those little figures wrapped by baggy t-shirts tucked in black shorts? They were running like 9348320498204820 rounds back and forth from one end to the other. I swear i can run for 2 rounds maximum and i would need 1 hour to catch my breath after that, probably more.

And the amazing thing is they are unexpectedly good. Great skill, aggressive, steady & fast. Aim right and score just soundly. I hope these kids keep playing like this and may they be shining stars on big basketball courts in the future 🙂

Do i have to add more that Connor looked dramatically hilarious with all his exaggerating gestures? So wrong that it became so right.

Family time

The screwed up flight schedule has made me so awake at this wee hour.

Looking back, my favorite moments in Hanoi in my recent trip are:

1. Sitting in a cafe with my dad, looking out to the street, people-gazing. The music player was playing some 90s hits of my favorite’s in the background. The cool breeze added another dimension to the scene.

My dad ordered a coke and I have a “nau da” (milk coffee). It was so peaceful I just can’t express how much I would love to be in that moment again.

2. Mom and Dad chatted up with the taxi driver. He was telling us about his other company that manufactures office and home wear and my mom asked for so many details as if she was planning to visit the shop and acquire all the clothes. So I exclaimed: mom why are you asking so much? Plan to buy something there? My mom gave me a serious answer with all valid explanations which I can’t remember what they are now but it was just purely funny.

And my dad shook his head like saying: just typically your mom.

3. Having cake with my grandma (the wedding cake from my uncle’s wedding). I finished the ‘cake’ and left the ‘cream’ as it was just too sweet for me. And my grandma said: why don’t you finish all? – She was implying i shouldn’t waste food. So with all my ability to BS, I came up with things like: there’s so much coloring that isn’t good for your health, the sweetness is artificial which must be made from some unknown chemical ingredients, one should just eat ‘cake’ which was made by cheese and eggs that we know less harmful etc… Then my grandma said: okay, then I don’t want this cream too.

And my mom gave me a you-are-full-of-shit look. LOL!

4. Grandma asking me: hey what do you think of the bride? It made me feel so much like gossiping in high school when I and my BFF small-talked and discussed about guys. It always started with: hey, what do you think about XYZ?

5. Bumping into my mom’s BFF whom I haven’t seen for a while. She bombarded me with Why-questions like:
– You look like you’ve some lost weight. Why?
– Your hair is long. Why?
– Your skin is white. Why?
– Your make up is nice. Why?

All those with a poker face. Pretty much like I’m talking with another anal me I feel. But it was funny.

6. Drinking game of my uncle’s colleagues in his wedding. Jokes were all work/process-related. I like learning about working culture in VN in such context 😀

7. Telling my mom: why is uncle so anxious? The next thing I know is my mom talked non-stop about uncle’s anxiety.

8. Asking my dad something and he relayed the message to my mom: Jenny and I would like to know why… LOL!!!!

Those are just probably some.

The sleepiness and tiredness has just kicked in. I should therefore end here and go to bed *yawn. Have 3 hrs for sleeping and I think I should be good (hopefully!!)