When beauty salons have also gone social.

Before you can praise their service, they have already praised themselves by implying they’ve done a good job on you.

Don’t really want to think about other services like liposuction or Brazilian waxing though.



The creepy people on LinkedIn

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 8.52.08 am


I was bored enough to entertain Jerry. He’s got a really decent picture. I wish my passport photo was that good-looking. And he certainly sounds kind (or kreepy).

I hope he’s not upset. Keep goin’ boy.

The creepy Facebook

My Facebook profile is not complete because I haven’t had any favourite moments? Sounds ironically about right if to say my life isn’t complete without precious happenings.

But if Facebook is not your life but just someone who’s trying to get you talk about your life, it’s pretty damn creepy.

thinking about brands on facebook

So I heard something like “We can never get more than 10 likes on Facebook for any of our posts. Look at the Thailand side, every time a post goes up, instantly there are above 100 likes. How do they do it?

Of course this statement was given in a casually joking manner but it triggered me to think about it.

So here go my thoughts:

1. Facebook is perceived as a ‘playground’ where anybody can get there and engage in some fun (hopefully!), have ‘a conversation’. I can’t speak as an adviser for all brands but for me, personally I would only be interested in a ‘conversation’ if
– it has something for me. The key here is ‘for me’.
– it’s funny.
– it’s controversial.

I used to ‘like’ all my favourite brands and I then get tired of see all brand-centric content that doesn’t have anything ‘for me’. I become indifferent to all the promotions going on (oh why would one need to stock up many products right?), events, activities etc etc and the list goes on. I just can’t relate.

The last I checked, I have Starbucks, Bodyshop, Burger King, Estee Lauder, Groupon etc no more on my Facebook. Instead I have, in no particular order The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ad Freak, Mashable, Simply Zesty, Ads of the world, Pick the brain, SGEntrepreneurs… Obviously you can tell most of the pages listed that i subscribe to are more towards to the news stuff.

However, if i could use my preferences as a gauge of what i would like to get from brands, i would love to have something like “The Bodyshop – your best galfriend‘ (talking about healthcare, how to take care of my skin, make-ups, tutorials for smokey eyes maybe? all the girly stuff) or “Starbucks – the cup of coffee you need everyday” (showing me motivation quotes, inspirations, life contemplation or whatever that can reach the innermost corner of my mind – that i always neglect in these hectic days). Of course once in a while you can inject your promotions, announcements for product launch, events whatever whatever whatever but that should only be strategically and tactically done.

And if you think you want to use Facebook to publicize just any of your press releases, allow me to ask: Give me 5 reasons for why I should like your Facebook page just to read your press releases?

And I’m saying all this as a consumer, not an agency person. Of course, after finishing this post, i will have to go to the other side of the table and tackle this ‘consumer’ issue. #solvemyownproblem.

2. What exactly do ‘likes’ mean? If you ever saw any tragic photos of disabled kids, miserable people having hard lives, abused animals, didn’t you also notice there are 98372837198 likes for those photos? Does that mean those 98372837198 people really ‘like’ what they see? I doubt so.

Having that said, I don’t think ‘likes‘ should be taken as a definitive measurement for customers’ response. In a way, yes, if it’s combined and formulated with other factors such as comments, impressions (how many people does the post get exposed to?), expressions (sentiments shown via comments).

3. Absolute comparisons should only take place when all parameters are ‘almost’ the same. That said, I don’t think the comparison is valid when you compare the performance of posts between brand X in Singapore and brand X in Thailand, taken into consideration of different markets, different fan base, different demographics, different branding exercises etc and etc.

Not long ago, I heard something similar from a friend of mine who’s managing content for an app targeting property sector. He mentioned that during evaluation, his app failed in some areas such as downloads, visits, engagement points and all that. I asked ‘why does it fail?‘ and he replied ‘because it doesn’t meet certain benchmarks taken from average performances of all other apps‘. Thing is property is a niche market, it’s not that everyone has a need to buy a house or rent a room everyday. It’s not like Groupon where i can visit literally everyday to check out those daily attractive deals, see what i can get some good deal today. So obviously, you cannot use Groupon’s performance as an expectation to set for a property-focused app.

On a side note, some other considerations include: the nature of brand/business (B2B vs B2C), your brand image (it is something dead serious or funky fun? traditional or innovative?), engagement frequency (are you putting something informative/funny/thought-provoking/emotion-trigger? are you posting something daily or once every 2 months?) … all this would be a factor to render different results of customers’ reactions across various brands.

Often times I have heard so many statements along the line “Let’s go Facebook“, “Just put it on Facebook“, “Like us on Facebook” (without giving people a reason to do so) etc without a proper long-term plan of how you’d like to sell your thing there or integrate it with other marketing efforts.

To conclude, I guess there’s no need to freak out when you are not getting that much of love on Facebook where everyone else seems getting it (i hope people do give real love on Facebook though!). Maybe take a deep breathe, look at the situation as a whole and figure out why you are where you are, then you might be able to come across some ideas to improve it.



I bought my mom an iPad as a birthday gift for her this year. Actually she asked for it so I thought she would be excited to get her hands on it. However, she turned out to be a little hesitant and awkward with the “touching” on the screen and all.

I taught her how to get herself familiarized yesterday and it seemed she was getting a little more comfortable with being “physical” about it. I then showed her to surf Facebook and she immediately got excited.

At first she was struggling with typing on the virtual keyboard but just after 5 mins, she was getting faster. Excited with the new toy, she got to reply all her friends on Facebook.

Today during lunch.
Mom: have you checked my Facebook? Anyone saying anything?
Me: not yet. I don’t know.
Mom: how about taking a picture of our meal now and post it up?
Me and my sister: ahahahahahaha
My sister: right, we should also check in
Dad: ok guys, we have to be strict on the photos to be published on Facebook. There must be some QC here
Me thinking to myself that dad just sounds exactly like a client of mine.

Later this evening, I got home late. Mom has already been in bed. When silently sneaking in, I just happened to wake her up. With a sleepy tone, she asked:
– Had dinner? What did you eat?
Me: yes. Something (I actually just had some coffee)
Mom: anyone saying anything on my Facebook?
Before I can answer, she falls back to her sleep.

So while I’m still struggling with getting around with social media at work, I at the same time have to get myself adjusted with this new #socialmedia breeze in my family too.

checking out Bitstrips

I said to my colleague i hadn’t checked out what my friends have been up to on Facebook for a few days this morning. This evening, i have found myself spending half an hour on Bitstrips.

It’s a Facebook app that lets you create comic:
(1) as an image for your status update;
(2) with your friends; or
(3) as a greeting card.

I have to admit the avatar creation was pretty painful. It was just because there are too many details we can customize; from hair, body, nose, face to eyebrows, eyelashes, jaw line, blush, lipstick @_@.

Does she look like me?
Once the avatar is set, you will be presented with some options of avatar pic “with actions”.

Then off you go to create your very own comic.

You will be offered with different contexts categorized by Moods (good, bad, mad…). Situations (work, home, school…) and Announcements (likes, dislikes…). I just think the “Jenny demands an explanation” happens to me everyday.

After you’ve chosen your context, here comes the cool thing. You can customize every single thing on the so-called template. (Okay, i know I’ve just said customization is painful above but this is just too cool). I mean seriously, every single thing.

Check out the screenshots below.

If you notice, i have moved around tiny little details like the steam coming out of my coffee, my dancing leg, my hand, the chair, the head position, the eye balls … How can this happen???! I’m very puzzled and curious to find out what kind of fancy technology/technique/programming language/whatever it takes the developer to develop this.

Okay, I haven’t tried creating comic with any friend or creating a greeting card but guess it’d be cool.

Anyways, it’s worth checking it out. Go create your own comic already.

I created the below for my own amusement hehe.


(Don’t ask why Nic is so mean. He’s just jealous of me being so cool uh huh)


Re-post this of what i wrote for a fun silly project i did with my friend.


Have you been in a situation like this:
– You’re in a super packed train and everybody is squeezing.
– You’re surfing Facebook on your phone and you can feel the person standing next to you is staring at your phone screen. (Screw those kpoh people but what to do, they exist)
– BAM! Boobs, asses or women in embarrassing positions from your friend’s Facebook appear on your phone screen
– And you think: shit, do i look like a pervert surfing porn here?

For those who don’t like kids (why oh why people, kids are damn cute), they can replace kid pictures with unbaby.me app (but i believe this is a web-based app).

I was thinking of a similar app for mobile users (let’s call it unsexy.me) where porno-related images would be detected and auto replaced with cats-in-the-same-position images. For example:

Inline image 1Inline image 2

It’s gonna save your face in the public and at the same time, challenge your imagination *wink.

what’s your twitter name?

I don’t know about you and others but i do search on people who i’m interested in knowing their background and what they have been up to. Don’t jump to the conclusion with the word ‘stalking’ yet.

Stalking is a term commonly used to refer to unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them. The word stalking is used, with some differing meanings, in psychology and psychiatry and also in some legal jurisdictions as a term for acriminal offense. Src

So if I’ve talked to you once, you handed me your name-card and I put your name on Google Search and these happen:
– I figured out your Facebook, saw a few recent activities
– I got your Twitter, read some recent tweets
– Saw your face popping up here and there on Google, click those images to see what’s up
– Stumbled upon your blog (which might potentially be the 1st link in Google search result)

These activities can’t be labeled as “unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual toward another person” or “harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them” – then it’s simply not stalking.

But that’s not my point here.

Nowadays when it’s just so easy to search for something, i will take the liberty to assume that people are free and opened to do any kind of search, including stalking-like-but-definitely-not activities as aforementioned.

So when someone asks me “do you use twitter?” or “what’s your twitter name?“, the thought that naturally comes to my mind will be “you mean you can’t search for it?“. I guess people are just that much self-conscious to not let others think of themselves as ‘stalkers‘ but to me it’s like: c’mon you should have got it with a click on google. It’s even likely that you have probably read through all the shits i put on my twitter. If you like, you can follow my twitter account already and for courtesy sake, you should probably ask “you mind if i follow you on twitter” instead while i actually think it’s not necessary. What is there to ask what my twitter is like you expect me to spell out my twitter username for you? (Wah! I’m surprised i can get this out in a single breath)

So people, it’s okay when you randomly add/follow strangers/anyone you’ve just met for once (like in a networking session) on social media platforms. Don’t need to go around the bush by trivial questions like “what’s your twitter name?” unless you really can’t find it (as if it’s “strawberry candy baby girl 393948034982042”) – because it’s just annoying.

Well, at least to me, I definitely can’t speak for others.