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about beaches

Upon reaching a beautiful beach,

A Kiwi: Wow… look at that. Is there anywhere in Asia that’s more beautiful than this?

An Asian: Now the sun has gone up, it is starting to look a lot like Thailand.


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– You put me in charge. Let me run the show.

– I put you in place. Don’t confuse the two.

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A serious joke [quote]

– Hanratty, why are you always serious?
– Is that bothering you?
– Well, a little bit. But that’s okay.
– Do you want to hear a joke?
– Ermm, sure, tell me a joke
– Knock knock
– Who’s there?
– Go fuck yourself.

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Will you shake a mountain or drop a snowflake? [quote]


This is a beautiful quote. Sometimes, it’s worth pulling all the stops, while at other times, you need to find the very right avenue.


A week before leaving, I told the other friend and bid him goodbye, he asked: You’ve got any friend there? I said: No, i’ll be on my own.

Last week, my housemate asked us out for dinner, I said: No thanks, I’ll be coming to this talk. He said: Oh wow, trying to make some friends here yea?

Friendship, to me that has to be something that comes effortlessly and naturally. As a matter of fact, all my ex-clients and ex-colleagues who I’m still in touch with are friends to me now. Our friendship was initiated from a context (work) and developed through time with discoveries of differences or things in common that we’ve shared. It would be fair to say that all my friends didn’t start to be ‘my friend’, they were something else, be it my classmate, my project buddy, my ex-colleague or my ex-client.

Therefore, the idea of ‘Let’s go make some friends!‘ thing seems really bizarre.


Friendship is really nice to have. But I would rather not force it intentionally. Above all, like good coffee taking time to brew, good relationship will be shaped by time.

And if one ever feels lonely because you have no friends? Remember, loneliness is your own problem, not others’. There’s plenty of things to do and to fill your mind with.

never settle for the cheap

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Who agrees?

the problem is not the problem

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Thinking about all my problems and … me.
Hope to figure out something.


Crisis is everywhere these few weeks. While people are inclined to think about this tough time as deep shit, rock bottom, jading death… I’m forcing myself to embrace the experience with all courage that i have plus a smile. With of course some swearing and curses here and there to balance myself out. And the vision of one day, we all sit down, have a drink and laugh at what we have been through now.

It’s crucial to go back to the root of an issue when crisis happens. But there’s no point arguing over and over again on a blaming session, passing the responsibility across the table.

Fact is we all have limited hours per day to work on unlimited things. We all have different priorities for what we have on hands and often times, our priorities don’t align. What to do baby? You and me, we are all in this together. Let’s aim to reach the ultimate goal, not each other’s face.

Or you can choose to move the fuck on if your dignity can afford it.