Pay gap between men and women (NZ)

Unsettling numbers.



I don’t know what’s worse, not taking a holiday or coming back from holiday – a good holiday.

I didn’t sleep on the plane today – probably the first time this happened. Instead, I found myself looking at the scenic landscape beneath – and it reminded me of a fun* project I had worked on a couple of months back, and how the scenic landscapes had been magically and so realistically programmed by a super talented developer (*fun* with no sarcasm intended. To my colleagues, it was painful.) Then, I tried to recall how the whole trip had been going as if I would have lost all the memories if I hadn’t done it.

The rest of the day had been filled with household chores like grocery shopping, catching up with friends at home, cleaning up the house, laundry, cooking, and of course showering. Coming back to my own bathroom is probably one thing I looked forward to the most.

The night was then spent checking work emails, personal emails, other emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc and etc. And let’s not forgetting the part where I freaked out way too much about the assignment deadline that I frantically texted the project mates.

Q said ‘No wonder people who come from Queenstown doesn’t like Auckland’.
I said ‘Yea, nobody enjoying a holiday would want to come back to work’.

But reality is reality, isn’t it.

(I hope I don’t sound like a spoiled kid with a first work problem here.)


Tom Yum in NZ

Best one i’ve tried so far is from Thai House Restaurant in New Plymouth. Surprisingly affordable.

La Cigale

If I have no place to go chill out on a Sunday, La Cigale is my plan B. I’m totally cool with having a spicy sausage bun while sipping some good mocha and listening to happy live tunes, when all else fails.

La Cigale

69 St Georges Bay Rd, Parnell 1052
09-366 9361

Amazing trees

photo 3

photo 4

photo 2

The first nandos

A few years back when G was studying in Melbourne, he often told me how much he liked Nando’s. It was pretty much the regular hangout spot with his mates.

The year he came back to Singapore, 2009, Nando’s opened their first restaurant in Bugis. Needless to say how happy he was. After a while waiting for the hype which expectedly happened to any new shop coming to Singapore to be over, we had our first Nando’s experience ever in Singapore. It didn’t turn out to be as great as expected. Perhaps, our expectations were too high, but the chicken wasn’t as fantastic as how I had imagined it to be.

As a result, that was the one and only meal at Nando’s that we had. Never came back.

Our second week here in Auckland, on one of the Fridays that we couldn’t decide what to eat, we gave Nando’s another chance. This time it did make a difference. Or was it because we were already drop dead hungry? Or the Nando’s in Auckland was simply better?

I don’t know man.

The truth is the draft of this post has stayed in my inbox for so long that I have even forgotten what the original purpose of it is. I shall rest my case here.