Love Yourself #funFriday #dance

So many things I love about this video and choreography.

  • The blue-ish lighting matches with the denim outfit
  • The patterns on the outfit
  • The effortless chicness of the outfit
  • The movements in the choreography resemble the symmetry and asymmetry of the patterns

Game to destress #funFriday

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 11.56.37 PM

Cleaning up my old writings from ages ago (embarrassing!) and I stumbled upon this site ago. Man… this is such gold, reminds me of those uni days when I was struggling with Java and C+ and Computer Architecture and Probability and perhaps one million and one other things I’m not fond of recalling now.

Paradiso Girls


Diplo vs Lorde and the funny Mashable #funFriday

I feel like if Mashable were a human, I could totally be his/her friend. Right now. With a beer.

Overheard – 003 #funFriday

– Do you know years ago, when the TV was still in black & white, people also dreamt in black & white?
– It makes sense!

Overheard – 002 #funFriday

Talking head #1: Good morning! How are you?
Talking head #2: Haizzz same ol’ same ol’
Talking head #1: That’s awesome!

braggin’ rights #funFriday

To my offsprings, this is to let you know that you mother/grandmother/greatgrandmother/whatevermother did survive:

1. The Great Depression 2009, the year that i graduated. Perfect timing right? So thankful that I’m still here today 😀

2. Singapore’s Haze Craze 2013

sghazesghaze psi 400

HAHA. So #random.

Good mood instant booster #funFriday

Mdm Gandhimathi, you are my hero. You make everyone’s life less stressful.
FallenSuperheroSG, you are also my hero. What a happening remix lols. 

Overheard – 001 #funFriday

Talking head #1: Chris doesn’t know how to turn on a Mac
Talking head #2: OMG! Chris that’s so embarrassing. Really embarrassing.
Talking head #1: He managed to turn it on anyway
Talking head #3: Yea, finally. After that, Mac sent me an email and told me it felt good.

* Names are modified

Together since … #funFriday

Someone on Facebook posted this and I think it’s bloody awesome.

Nothing makes me believe in long-lasting love more than an old couple holding hands or sharing intimate moments. Cheesy much?! Hehehe.

By the way, since I’m talking about love, I might as well mention my thing with “true love”. Seriously, I don’t get it when someone sloits that phrase in whatever he/she is talking about. Most of the time, I’m like: err wait a minute, what do you mean by true love? You mean there’s some other love that’s not true like fake love or false love? Right?!

As long as you genuinely love someone, it’s ‘love‘. Whether it’s love or it’s not, what’s true or untrue here?!