Love Yourself #funFriday #dance

So many things I love about this video and choreography.

  • The blue-ish lighting matches with the denim outfit
  • The patterns on the outfit
  • The effortless chicness of the outfit
  • The movements in the choreography resemble the symmetry and asymmetry of the patterns

can or could

Account manager: how to ask for help?

Project manager: could you please…

Copywriter: can you just…

Account manager: really, that’s a bit harsh

Business Director: could you please…

Copywriter: you can see everybody’s personality with one simple question?


Can’t get any more excited

the one line that sums up every projects

“Can we go drink and get fucking drunk when this project is finished?”

And tomorrow we would all laugh at yesterday and move on.


Once upon a time, I drew stuff with Illustrator.

gamify your life?

Ear-catchy title? I hope so πŸ˜›

Disclaimer: this is not a post to discuss seriously and formally on gamification practice including elements such as motivation, rewards, design, game plan, behavioral economics etc and etc.

Random conversations between me and my friends sometimes turn into a game. Thinking about these crappy games always puts a smile on my face so i think i should note them down. This space should be a house of all my foolish happiness πŸ˜›

1. My phone was in damage last week and I lost everyone’s contact. So i asked Nic.

I have only figured out 1 now … by emailing that person. And I have 2 to sort out and I haven’t figured out a smart way to solve this except for the last resort of picking up my phone and dial these numbers hahaha.

2. Mark likes to explain. I like to ask. And I like to irritate him by always asking him to give me 5 reasons for everything.

So the other day, for some reasons, I just randomly asked for 5 reasons without a cue of what I wanted him to explain about. Of course, I was super annoying right? But being a nice friend as he is, he said: okay how about I give you 5 reasons and you figure out what those are for? (something along that line, my IM doesn’t keep a history of the conversation). Then when it came to my turn, I couldn’t think of a good thing to come up with 5 reasons. LOL #fail. So that was 1.0 I guess.

3. I always have an argument with Mike about personal space, particularly about me having a big table but I always leave my stuff at his space. Obviously, this totally agitates him and every time this happens, I get scolded. Then I decided it was time I had to fight back (as if I was right all awhile? LOL)
Mike: Why are you putting this on my table? *throwing my book onto my table.
Me: Where should i put it?
Mike: Your table! *shout & point to my table
Me: This is NOT a table! *shout back & point to my table
Mike: Then what is this?
Me: This is a … CHAIR!!! (I have no idea why I come out with this random crap but …)
Mike: *wtf look & point back to his table* This is also NOT a table! This is a SHELF!
Me: Yea! Books are kept on shelf, correct!
Then we burst out laughing. I still think it’s quite funny now.

4. I like to bug Mike when he’s busy with something that often requires undivided attention. So at times i would drop random questions, most of the time meaningless like: hey is Jenny Jenny? Then he would give me a confusing look: eh Jenny is Jenny, why isn’t Jenny Jenny? I said #justasking. So after a few times, he gets the pattern and just gives me a cold short reply Yes or No. So i have to make it more challenging right? And here this comes:
– Hey… Is Jenny Jenny? – Yea
– Is Jenny Mike? – No
– Mike isn’t Jenny right? – No
– So you are Mike? – Yes
– Is Mike Jenny? – No
– Is Mike Mike? – Yes

– So I am Jenny? – Yes
– Mike and Jenny are the same? – No
– Mike and Jenny are different right? – Yes
– Is Jenny Mike again? – NO!!!!
Just shoot out all the questions really fast and watch how your friend reacts. This game is good when you want to test the patience and quick reaction of someone. However, be aware that you should only try it on someone who doesn’t take your crap seriously or judge you badly, unless you can come up with a better set of questions *devilgrin.

mushroom after the rain at East Coast Park

I had a super tiring Saturday with full-on skating. We roller-bladed for 16km in East Coast Park and now my feet is crying pain.

It rained quite heavily in the morning so the ground and the grass were kind of wet. My friend spotted these cute little mushrooms along the stretch and we took a shot break to snap some pictures.

Here are my friends Wendy and Syn-Ee being super focused on taking a shot of mushrooms.

the acoustic version of Oppa Gangnam Style

Oppa Gangnam Style has been an insane sensation that can make any music producers and artists blush. Countless of parodies are created on Youtube and most of them are just lame. One in a million, in my opinion is a brilliant cover that some friends of mine even claim it sounds better than the original version.

Let’s check it out.