27 July, 2017 13:07

Me hand-washing my plates after lunch.

Colleague A: you don’t use the dishwasher?
Me: Nope, I don’t believe in it.
Colleague A: you think it conspires some theories?
Colleague B: it used to be my job for a while. I sat in there.

* * *

Me: how tall are you?
Colleague: 6″2′
Me looking up what 6″2′ is in cm: ah 1.93. Let me tell my husband.
Colleague: are you guys planning to kidnap me? Let me know so I can say goodbye to my friends.


can or could

Account manager: how to ask for help?

Project manager: could you please…

Copywriter: can you just…

Account manager: really, that’s a bit harsh

Business Director: could you please…

Copywriter: you can see everybody’s personality with one simple question?



Why do some people (not all), right before when they are leaving, suddenly become such fucking pains in the ass?

What’s even more bizarre is other people can acknowledge that shitty attitude as an obvious normal behaviour because they are leaving.

Man, XYZ’s work is so floppy. Plus his attitude has been bad.

Well, he’s leaving. He doesn’t care anymore.

Also, Friday used to be my favourite day. Not anymore now.

Anyways, here’s a picture of my CoffeeCeption #youSeeIt?

morning coffee

I was just about to make my coffee this morning when a colleague rushed over to make her coffee.

I gave way to her and she did a single shot. For some reason, she didn’t want it, or she might have explained it otherwise but it was too noisy down at the basement that I couldn’t get what she was trying to do.

She made another coffee and I said ‘alright I’ll take this single shot one’.

I frothed some milk and pour it in, kind of expecting the coffee would turn out to be bland and totally not drinkable. In fact, it was so pleasant. And nice.

Thinking about it, I have had double shot coffee for the whole one year. I had never thought of trying the single shot. And, I would not find out about the single shot if I didn’t take my colleague’s unwanted coffee today.

What else do I not know or try these days?


so far

I haven’t blogged that much recently, compared to a few months back.

The main reason is perhaps due to the increasing workload after the fellow producer left his position. For two months – also the peak period, I was doing 2.5 people’s work – really busy at day, too tired at night. Good thing is a new producer has come and so the workload has become much more manageable.

Then, we were busy house-hunting.

Then, I took the plunge to sign up for a Master’s degree. The programme coordinator confirmed my place at 9PM on Friday and the first class started the following Monday.

Once in a while I read about someone else writing about their personal happening, I’m urged to do the same.


the one line that sums up every projects

“Can we go drink and get fucking drunk when this project is finished?”

And tomorrow we would all laugh at yesterday and move on.

Src: http://www.gapingvoid.com/Moveable_Type/archives/zzzzazzdggg18.jpg

The place you will wanna work at #workWednesday

After I went through the designs with the AE yesterday, he randomly turned a page and spotted a copy error almost immediately.

I said: Some layers must have been messed up when the designers re-exported the files. No worries, just have a look and let me know if you would spot anything else. We can address those altogether. Sorry, I must have missed that when going through all the pages.

He said: No worries at all, Jenny, hey I’ve got your back. We are a team!

Another scenario, this happened in some other places where I used to work at.

PM: Some layers must have been messed up when the designers re-exported the files. No worries, just have a look and let me know if you would spot anything else. We can address those altogether. Sorry, I must have missed that when going through all the pages.

Suit: Can’t the designer at least check before handing it over? And can you also check?

Designer: Psst. I have done my part. Checking is PM and Suit’s job.

* Insert catfight scenes among Suit, PM and Designer here.
** Same situation applies for Client, Developer, External vendors etc…

Above all, I think it’s everybody’s job to ensure the work’s quality delivered is at one’s best capability. The only difference is if we can collaborate more effectively, rather than finger-point at each other, the atmosphere of the workplace would be so much healthier. And that can only be for the good.

But as I’m saying this, I know we’re not living in a perfect world.



After hanging out for lunch with my colleague today, we decided to grab some coffee. I ordered Mocha and my colleague took Flat White.

After the staff handed the coffee to us, I paid and was just waiting for the receipt, the staff hesitated:
– Hmmm, just so you know, I made it a little stronger yea?!

I was like:
– Alright, cool, no probs.

My colleague looked at me, concerned:
– Did we look so stressed?


Inline image 1Src

a perfect joke

On attempting to find a parking lot at the client’s office when it was raining cats and dogs, we saw some red spots. I and PP asked Fi to just drive in but she refused for the possibility of getting a wheel clamped.

– Nobody will check
– We can say PP drove and he is colour-blind
– You’re telling the client your designer is colour-blind?