Project17: Justin Milano – Four Pillars for Entrepreneurial Success


  • Understand fear and anxiety, and their differences.
  • Fear is about what’s happening right now. It powerfully colours judgement.
  • Anxiety is chronic, worrying about things that can probably go wrong in the future. It hijacks creativity.
  • Decisions are made based on choices going through an emotional filter. Your emotions affect your decision making.
  • Learn to master yourself and your emotions to be a leader.
  • The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship
  • Fear -> Anxiety -> Burnout -> Depressed -> Overwhelming -> Start blaming on people and things.
  • Learn how to prioritise your workload
  • Cultures of Fear:
      – Scarcity: not enough money, time, support
      – Aversion: not feeling right. having the wrong experience: guilt, upset, inexperienced, overwhelmed. When the world doesn’t show up the way your expected, you feel resistant
      – Unworthiness: I’m not enough. Understand the company’s failure is different from your personal failure. It’s important to unwind these 2 things to maintain the identity of yourself.
  • Be considerate about cultural sensitivity, eg:
      – Asia: you cannot fail
      – America: fail fast, fail often, fail cheap.

Common Purpose: Global Leader Experiences 14 – 17 Feb 2017


  • You don’t have to agree with people, but you have to understand them.
  • Words are culturally interpreted, not by their face values; therefore, bear different meanings and impact on different people. In multi-cultural environment, understand that English is not everybody’s first language.
  • Cultural upbringing also has an impact on how people act in a group.
  • Cultural Intelligence is:
      – Understanding that there are different cultures and beliefs
      – Be open and not telling people that they are wrong because of the things they believe in are different from what you know
  • The willingness and openness to communicate and talk it out, rather than give it up and go away.
  • The art of questioning: as a leader, ask questions and help people help themselves. Don’t always give suggestions and solutions. Empower people and ask good questions so people can form their own solutions.
  • Simply by sailing in a new direction, you could enlarge the world – Allen Curnow
  • If your actions inspire others to do more, dream more and achieve more, then you’re a leader.
  • Leadership is about love:
      – You have to work with people
      – There must be a why
  •  Feel the fear and do it anyway.
  • When you pitch, focus on the long-term outcomes.
  • When giving feedback, say: It’d be better if…


men and women | future-proof the writing


Apparently, the world is no longer about only women and men. How can text (writing) like this be future-proof and supportive of everyone no matter what and how they identify themselves?


Who wouldn’t love an interactive billboard that involves some touching and taking selfies 😁

Some PR:

Unfortunately, Fanta Instagram looks dead boring. Eeeekkks.

Fanta New Zealand   fantanz  • Instagram photos and videos

When beauty salons have also gone social.

Before you can praise their service, they have already praised themselves by implying they’ve done a good job on you.

Don’t really want to think about other services like liposuction or Brazilian waxing though.


Countdown NZ

A very cute message delivered with a human tone. I like this. A.

the cutest ad on TV today

One year in AKL


Such a super overdue post but i’m happy like a fool.

so far

I haven’t blogged that much recently, compared to a few months back.

The main reason is perhaps due to the increasing workload after the fellow producer left his position. For two months – also the peak period, I was doing 2.5 people’s work – really busy at day, too tired at night. Good thing is a new producer has come and so the workload has become much more manageable.

Then, we were busy house-hunting.

Then, I took the plunge to sign up for a Master’s degree. The programme coordinator confirmed my place at 9PM on Friday and the first class started the following Monday.

Once in a while I read about someone else writing about their personal happening, I’m urged to do the same.


Whinyard habour #travelThursday

Whinyard habour 1

A mini pop-up bookstore slash library by the Harbour. How chillaxing the atmosphere and how nice the weather was. The picture doesn’t go justice but it was pretty windy and freezing cold that day.

Whinyard habour 2

Then of course, fish and chips at Auckland Fish Markets. The best part.