How the Mad Men lost the plot and about digital


Thu 2nd Nov, 2017 – International Project Management Day

Throwback to when I was an #agencylife Digital Producer. This is a day to remind myself a couple of things I learnt from being a project manager.

  1. Be so organised that nothing falls through the crack. Check once, check twice, check thrice, get someone else to check.
  2. Stay on top of what’s going on.
  3. Eyes on the prize, never lose sight of the finishing line.
  4. Take initiatives, make things easier for everybody (tiny little things count)
  5. Have a good understanding of the stakeholders involved: who’s making decisions, who needs to be informed, who has to provide inputs…
  6. Be clear about budget, timeline, resources and the project goals
  7. Ask questions.
  8. Sell the client’s dreams and sell the team’s efforts.
  9. The team is what you have. Work with them. Look after them. If someone has a problem, hear them out.
  10. Be frank about a problem. But think of a solution/suggestion before communicating the problem.
  11. Overcommunicate: verbally and in writing.
  12. Meetings: always have an agenda. Always be clear about who’s doing what after the meeting.
  13. Time is money. Don’t waste yours, don’t waste others.
  14. The best way to
    illustrate an idea or explain something is with drawings and/or numbers.
  15. Again, be organised.
  16. Try not to eat at your desk – it doesn’t solve anything.

BONUS: Get the team to go out for lunch or drinks together as often as you can. It helps release tension and stress.

Happy day to all PMs.

Some great tools is a free online word cloud generator and tag cloud creator. is a free online Typography Generator. Create your own text art, memes and typography design with ease. Design your own Posters with backgrounds, badges, borders, rulers, frames, corners and other (vintage) ornaments and add Text in beautiful fonts with backdrops and shadows. Position every object pixel perfect. Your own creativity is the limit.

of advertising

“I love it because it’s a sport: it requires training, fitness, teamwork, peak performance on the day.” Src

Finally, a phrase that sums up my thoughts for advertising.

Strategy Toolkit by WARC

Strategy Toolkit

A cool banner

Probably one that I have spent more than 2 seconds on…


can or could

Account manager: how to ask for help?

Project manager: could you please…

Copywriter: can you just…

Account manager: really, that’s a bit harsh

Business Director: could you please…

Copywriter: you can see everybody’s personality with one simple question?


A nice EDM from AUT

I think I like this EDM because it looks like what I would write and how i would write it if I had to write it… hmmm.


Forbes and the ad-blocker

The one time that I turned off ad-block and it was not for work was when there was a piece of content that I really really liked to read on Forbes.


I guess if you’ve got a catchy title that promising interesting content, ad-block will have to give way.


Who wouldn’t love an interactive billboard that involves some touching and taking selfies 😁

Some PR:

Unfortunately, Fanta Instagram looks dead boring. Eeeekkks.

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