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can or could

Account manager: how to ask for help?

Project manager: could you please…

Copywriter: can you just…

Account manager: really, that’s a bit harsh

Business Director: could you please…

Copywriter: you can see everybody’s personality with one simple question?


A nice EDM from AUT

I think I like this EDM because it looks like what I would write and how i would write it if I had to write it… hmmm.


Forbes and the ad-blocker

The one time that I turned off ad-block and it was not for work was when there was a piece of content that I really really liked to read on Forbes.


I guess if you’ve got a catchy title that promising interesting content, ad-block will have to give way.


Who wouldn’t love an interactive billboard that involves some touching and taking selfies 😁

Some PR:

Unfortunately, Fanta Instagram looks dead boring. Eeeekkks.

Fanta New Zealand   fantanz  • Instagram photos and videos

Summing up CNY and LNY.


Now that’s what I call … Whatever.

Couldn’t really recall the last time I saw a CD. But today, in 2015, I’ve just caught it on TV, and also on YouTube.

I don’t know if I should feel nostalgic or bizarre.

Meeting 101 #workWednesday

Good read.

Take aways:

😴 Kill the status meeting
👯 Hold one-on-one meetings sacred
📅 Every meeting must have a single owner
📋 Share the purpose of the meeting and agenda ahead of time
👑 Your calendar doesn’t make you important
☔️ Calendars shouldn’t postpone decisions
👥 Keep meetings small
💸 Consider the opportunity cost of every meeting
🌳 Treat other people’s calendars as a scare resource
🚨 Escalate, don’t 🔪undermine
⌛️ If the meeting is over, end the meeting
🔥 Declare calendar bankruptcy

The ads that are served to you…

I’m sure I am not interested in Shooter Games and Bollywood Film… Fishy!