CRM vs. IMC #foodforthought

Although CRM can be thought of as a sub-part of IMC, there is no question CRM has achieved a much higher level of awareness and acceptance in the C-suites of companies. This is because there are external CRM champions – global software and hardware companies who have great economic motivation to sell CRM. One of the challenges facing IMC is finding businesses who will be economically motivated to sell IMC. The most logical are the advertising holding companies, but to date they have not been able to package integration in a way that attracts top management attention. Until the holding companies have an internal financial compensation system to negate family agencies from competing against each other, they will never be able to successfully package a genuine integrated communication and brand building product for clients.

– Duncan & Mulhern, 2004. A white paper on the status, scope and future of IMC.


Summing up CNY and LNY.


Why do some people (not all), right before when they are leaving, suddenly become such fucking pains in the ass?

What’s even more bizarre is other people can acknowledge that shitty attitude as an obvious normal behaviour because they are leaving.

Man, XYZ’s work is so floppy. Plus his attitude has been bad.

Well, he’s leaving. He doesn’t care anymore.

Also, Friday used to be my favourite day. Not anymore now.

Anyways, here’s a picture of my CoffeeCeption #youSeeIt?

morning coffee

I was just about to make my coffee this morning when a colleague rushed over to make her coffee.

I gave way to her and she did a single shot. For some reason, she didn’t want it, or she might have explained it otherwise but it was too noisy down at the basement that I couldn’t get what she was trying to do.

She made another coffee and I said ‘alright I’ll take this single shot one’.

I frothed some milk and pour it in, kind of expecting the coffee would turn out to be bland and totally not drinkable. In fact, it was so pleasant. And nice.

Thinking about it, I have had double shot coffee for the whole one year. I had never thought of trying the single shot. And, I would not find out about the single shot if I didn’t take my colleague’s unwanted coffee today.

What else do I not know or try these days?


The best comeback

Rivalry between Coca cola and Pepsi never gets old.


some brilliant ads

that i stumbled upon on Tumblr today.


internship @ Clemenger BBDO #agencylife

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I never had a chance to get an internship in any advertising agency before. For all that I have observed and heard from my friends so far, this is pretty true. Yea, that irony is real 🙂 And for all that I have seen, many of my friends going through an agency internship have carried themselves to continue the agency life afterwards. I guess there is an inexplicable thrilling factor that keeps every mad men and women on their feet. For better or worst, we know our lives are just not boring hehehe.

6 tips on meeting with clients or prospects by David Ogilvy

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