Why am I doing Smart Seeds?


Someone asked me about that after he learnt that I’m currently working full time and doing a master’s degree part time, “Why are you also doing this (Smart Seeds)?”. I felt being put on the spot at that moment so I gave a really lame answer.

Now at this very wee hour, with the luxury of a quiet late night, I contemplate this question “Why am I doing Smart Seeds?”. Here’s what I reckon:

  • I have never taken part in an innovation programme of this scale so I want to experience it.
  • This is going to give me the experience of
    • stepping outside of my comfort zone,
    • working on something that’s bigger than me and my capability,
    • getting to work with a bunch of people in other industries that I would not otherwise have a chance to work with,
    • getting to learn from other industries through working on a project which of course, I would not otherwise have any chance to.
  • Again, an opportunity like this is not popping up often enough.
  • I put my time and thoughts into the application, of course, I will follow it through upon being selected.
  • This gives me a chance to be “out of the office” and have a wider perspective.

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