Common Purpose: Global Leader Experiences 14 – 17 Feb 2017


  • You don’t have to agree with people, but you have to understand them.
  • Words are culturally interpreted, not by their face values; therefore, bear different meanings and impact on different people. In multi-cultural environment, understand that English is not everybody’s first language.
  • Cultural upbringing also has an impact on how people act in a group.
  • Cultural Intelligence is:
      – Understanding that there are different cultures and beliefs
      – Be open and not telling people that they are wrong because of the things they believe in are different from what you know
  • The willingness and openness to communicate and talk it out, rather than give it up and go away.
  • The art of questioning: as a leader, ask questions and help people help themselves. Don’t always give suggestions and solutions. Empower people and ask good questions so people can form their own solutions.
  • Simply by sailing in a new direction, you could enlarge the world – Allen Curnow
  • If your actions inspire others to do more, dream more and achieve more, then you’re a leader.
  • Leadership is about love:
      – You have to work with people
      – There must be a why
  •  Feel the fear and do it anyway.
  • When you pitch, focus on the long-term outcomes.
  • When giving feedback, say: It’d be better if…



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