Me and the phone

If I’m not answering the phone, it’s probably I’m doing one of those things:

  • Chilling out by the beach reading a book, or hiking, or walking. The phone is (accidentally silent) and in my bag.
  • Doing something that has nothing to do with the phone: swimming, cooking, showering, sleeping, … and it doesn’t cross my mind that I have look at the phone to see if someone’s been trying to get in touch with me.
  • Being at someone, and enjoying their company.
  • I’m tired and is having a zone-out.

The reason I’m writing this out is because I’ve grown ignorant about my phones. Paradoxically, I’m guessing it’s come out of the nature of my ‘digital’ job that I’m required to be wired in almost every seconds on constant comms and happenings on the Internet, through emails, plus social media etc.

I might have got a couple of new ‘friends’ on Facebook that I met once in an event and will probably never see them again, but I’m losing personal connections from a good sit-down conversation. I know what people are doing on Facebook and ‘like’ it, but I actually don’t go further and talk to them.

I spend time browsing stuff on Instagram, then I realise it doesn’t add any value to my life. Tomorrow, all the stuff I’m seeing today is pushed down by something else. That’s the life cycle of social media. So what’s the urge to look at it now?

Emails are demanding and onerous. Blogs and online readings are endless. Like seriously, everybody is banging on creating content. More stuff to read, less time to do other things.

I don’t know what I’m whining about. I get that people get upset when they can’t reach me. But I’m upset with myself if I’m glueing my eyes onto the phone all the time. Saying ‘I’m not looking at the phone because me-time’ is too pretentious, but it is what it is, sometimes.

Being in a digital role at work, I love the connectedness and everything wonderful technologies and the Internet have given us. However, being an introvert, I hate it when connectedness sets the expectation that I have to always be available to reply to a text at all time, or react to things when they happen. I feel like it’s trying to pull me away from what really matters to me (when I’m not at work).



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