coffee affair

I’ve been drinking coffee more than usual lately. Actually, my mind has been always occupied with stuff lately. If it’s not about work, it’s study, or IY, or just many other things. People problems – it all comes down to that.

I figure I have been feeling upset today. A small thing happened in the day; however, it was resolved in the end. Now that the universe has gone asleep and I’m dealing with the delayed processing of bottomed-up emotions, thoughts start to kick in. Was I unreasonable? Was I not cooperative? Was I misunderstood? Was I not supported? Was I inheriting stress from others? Was I being shitty? Was I not understanding? Was I selfish? Was I not managing things properly? Was I too OCD? Was I not managing my own expectations? Was I asking for too much? Was I not able to put it to rest? Was I too much about myself?

Why am I even thinking about this? I accept that dealing with my own self is part of the process. Moving on – always easier said than done.



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