saving time

My life has been full on recently, working full-time and studying part-time (by studying, it includes working on a master thesis which is a mother a headache, the positively interesting kind of head-ache if you know what I mean).

Hence, time is not the luxury that I could have. My weekdays are yoga – work – dinner – study – sleep. My weekends are sleep – lunch – study – read something else.

Because my days have always followed that routine, I figured a couple of ways to save time.

Here goes:

  • My wardrobe has been simplified to all-black clothes. Shirt, pants, skirts … all black. This helps me save time to think about what I should wear every day and how to match the clothes. If it’s going to be all black, details don’t matter anymore.
  • My lunch has always been salad and I’m okay with that. I hate to think about what to eat for lunch. And I don’t like to waste time on walking to buy food, waiting for food to be ready, then walking back to office, etc. It’s actually nice to have a little walk-around from time to time (I do appreciate fresh air) but I’d rather have a full hour to slowly enjoy my lunch while reading something, rather than spending time on non-eating tasks and am left with 30 mins to quickly finish the food.
  • No TV. This probably is the most significant time-saver.
  • Less hanging out. Those morning chats about what people have for dinner, how the tv shows went last night, did Kim Kardashian do anything stupid?… it’s okay to skip.
  • Less emailing. Less texting. More talking. More calling.
  • Less Internet surfing. Less Facebook. Less Twitter. Less Youtube. If I’ve got nothing to do with the computer, I won’t even touch it.
  • No Internet at bedtime. When it comes to sleep, just close the eyes and stop thinking.

That’s pretty much all for now. Hope it helps someone out there.

If this sounds like my life is so imbalanced, well…

There’s no such thing as work-life balance. There’s work, and there’s life, and there’s no balance. – Sheryl Sandberg

I’ve got an #agencylife and a #postgradlife. And I have mom and dad and a husband who all equally deserve attention.

It is a little nutty for now, but some day all these efforts will be justifiable. I hope. For now, I really need to go to sleep.


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