good question vs. bad question


Since when I’ve heard the saying: You won’t get a good answer if you ask a bad question, I’ve been accessing every single question thrown at me.

The other day, my friend (who hasn’t talked to me for about 3 years) asked:

Hey, I will be in AKL from XXX to XXX, where should I go?

To me (TO ME, okay?) this is not a good question. It doesn’t tell me exactly what you’re after. In fact, it creates more questions for me. So are you here only for holiday or you’re on a business trip / training / conference? Do you feel like spending all the time in one place or seeing around? (I’m more of the latter). Do you prefer beach, town, mountain or forest? Do you need to stay in an expensive hotel or you’re happy with dorm and just whatever available?

If I were that friend, I will give it some thoughts and look for some options based on my personal preference. Then I will ask for a review of the places I’m about to go to (if my friend has been there or heard of that). OR I will ask for some further recommendation, only to help me pick one option.

There’s also a saying: Never ask a question that you can find the answer yourself.


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