shitty expectations

#1 – of work stuff

– Hey, how is it working with ABC agency?
– They are very rigid, not flexible, not suitable for creative work.
– Well, because they are not a creative agency.

Don’t expect people to be something they are not.

#2 – of partners and spouses

– My future wife needs to know how to iron my clothes
– Why?
– I can’t do it properly
– Then do it often, do it more until you can do it better
– Nah, it’s easier to get the wife to do it (note: he’s not having any wife yet)

Don’t expect people to do something that you yourself can’t / or are not willing to do.

#3 – of responsibilities

– I’m going to be strict with my future wife
– What for?
– Why not? Things can get messy

Don’t expect yourself to be smart. Please.


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