thinking about a thesis topic

Last week I had two final lectures for this semester. Looking back, that was the right choice to pick ‘Global crises and media’ and ‘Asia Pacific journalism’. What I’ve been engaged these past 4 months are global and regional issues: climate change, human rights, media censorship, politics, refugees, financial crisis, transgender rights, etc and etc, and even the American president election, which I would have ignored if not for taking up the classes. While I looked into climate change specifically and intensively to work on the classes’ assignments, I have also made an effort to read up about other issues as well. They are all connected and inform each other. What I have come to realise is perhaps I connect mostly to the humanity angle of all issues. I have felt extremely upset learning some Pacific islands are sinking and the people have stopped hoping. I was also angered by the mass shooting in Oregon that has happened recently. I am absolutely anxious about the domestic violence issue that’s happening in Vietnam and New Zealand. If I can sum up my feelings, I have sympathy for people who suffer and who die in these events. Nobody deserves to.

This realisation leads me to thinking about looking into how media touches on the humanity angle when reporting these issues. My recent mini-researches indicate that news often emphasises on the event itself and its damages, including the calculus of death. However, news that is not event-based, how does it cover the humanity side of the issue? Surely, we know climate change causes environmental extreme conditions that directly impact on human lives; however, how is it reported in media news that discusses climate change?

I’ll be jotting down my thoughts here as I go.


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