meaningless adjectives

Once in a while, there will be press releases announcing the moving of this person and that one in a certain industry. Often times, there will be a few sentences about how excited the newbie or the company is. Typically, they go like this:

The company:
We are excited to have this person because of her wonderful ability to ex and why and zee.

The person who’s just got the job:
I’m excited to be joining an amazing company, working with awesome teams.

Yup, I’ve got the excitement, been there done that, who’s not excited with a new job. But seriously, you have hardly started for a month, sometimes a week, how do you know about the wonderfulness, the amazingness, and the awesomeness?

Then a year later, the person leaves the place. And he/she talks about amazingness and awesomeness in a new company. And it gets me to wonder: so what has happened with the amazingness and awesomeness in the previous place? Have you found out they are not what you thought or they just stop being and deserving such fanciful adjectives once you came?

In an impossibly honest world, I imagine it would go like this:

The company:
We understand he’s a dick based on our reliable source. But for some reasons, he’s got the all the credits and all the awards. It helps, so we don’t mind. 

The person who’s just got the job:
Heard mixed reviews about that company. But I need a job so whatever that floats my boat.

You know, just thinking.


To cover my backside, I need to put ‘No offense intended’ so ‘No offense intended’.


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