Sunny sunday.

The other day, an ex-colleague who hasn’t talked to me for a year suddenly buzzed me on Facebook, asking if I could find a job for a friend of his who wants to come to New Zealand. I asked: has she got a work visa? No. Has she found out how to get a work visa? No.

Two things here:

– If you really want to go anywhere, at least do some basic research about visa and immigration. Asking someone is alright but it should be about tips and their experience. This brings me to the second thing.

– Do I look like someone who’s so free and happy to provide consultation about relocation and work and shit?

The funny thing is before I relocated, I had heard countless from naysayers about how boring this place is, how discriminative and arrogant Kiwis are etc and etc. Then once I landed myself here and got a job, people started a new set of questions: how’s work, how’s weather, how much a car costs, how can i relocate there as well blah blah blah and blah.

Above all, I think I need to practise selective hearing.


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