Hmm, so my flatmate wanted to move out because we didn’t agree to let him, his mother and his brother stay in our tiny place when this mother and his brother visits him for 3 weeks now.

According to the contract signed by both parties, whoever wanting to terminate the contract has to give a two-week notice. So this guy informed us he was not going to carry out the rent on Tuesday and he would move out the next Friday (that is in 10 days). G insisted he followed what had been agreed in the contract so the rent would end the next Monday (in 14 days).

So, he moved out on Friday, paid the rent until Monday and G returned to him the bond money and etc etc.

After that I asked G.

– Have you guys agreed on the amount we will transfer back to him when he moves out?
– Yea, done.
– Is he happy?
– No.
– No?
– He said he’s studying (PHD) and he has no income and we should help him, then God will help us.
– God who?


I thought of a friend of mine who’s trying to play contract and law with his employer. If only he could also bring God into the conversation and the employer will ‘help’ him so the employer can be ‘helped’ by God.

Unless God also signed the contract, we should not discuss his presence in our conversation.

Having said that, I respect all religions and I don’t wish to discuss religious matters.


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