a rainy day.


I managed to successfully quit coffee for about 2 weeks and was feeling rather alright, until I woke up on Thursday last week and felt super shitty. The whole morning was super cloudy and gloomy. I tried my very best to stay away from the coffee machine, stubbornly stuck with a hot Earl Grey.

Then on Friday, I said Fuck it and made myself a cup of coffee.

It can’t be said that I had a good Friday at work, although the farewell morning tea for a colleague had made my tummy happy. Someone whom I have learnt a lot from from some very brief encounters. I should have been happy for getting things done and receiving a thank-you email from the client by the end of the day. Instead, I was grumpy and disgruntled. Some people really know how to excel at being annoying and be of such a daunting presence. While some others are really great and be of such a great influence. There are all kinds of people everywhere, they say.

The weather today has been acting up. It is so relieving I could be just happily lazing around at home, while subtly freaking out from time to time when the thought of how much I have been procrastinating to work on my assignments came up.

Current task: trying to categorize ‘digital advertising’ in New Zealand.

It’s going to be perfect to savor a good ramen today. Unfortunately, I haven’t found one to my liking. (This is when I miss the food we got in Singapore. Cheap. Good. Fast. With a wide variety to freely choose from. :()



One thought on “a rainy day.

  1. I can definitely say I have been on the same boat! I gave coffee up for a month (first time in six years I went two days without coffee). It was a struggle to say the least


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