Funny how I heard a young girl today complain about people who are way more senior and experienced than her. She called them cowards. Sadly, she had nothing to back up her arguments except some rumors and folk tales she had gathered at drinking time.

I thought to myself, how amazing the world is when a twenty-something youngster can have such shameless and fierceless judgement. If that’s not obvious, I’m undoubtedly being sarcastic.

See, I might have been said to have split personality for one day I could be happy like a fool, the next day I couldn’t be bothered talking to anyone. It’s because I’m happy to be your friend. But I can’t entertain a bad gossiper and a poor judger of a situation. Therefore, I choose when to talk and when not to.

We are close, but we also have a wall in between that will be put up when I don’t find myself agreeable to or convinced by your views. I think that your perspective is completely skewed, therefore I refuse to look at things that way – the way you do.


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