Submitted the first assignment to my Master’s degree last week. And the following 3 days felt worse than a hangover.

This will be my strategy for my next assignments:

  • Plan for the assignment around the requirements. Create a skeleton for the essay and decide some main points. Asked questions, looked for clues, talked to the lecturer and did research … all around the assignment.
  • Start writing early. Starting late and being indecisive really hurt.
  • Read faster. Or better, don’t spend too much time reading. Take note of important or relevant points that could support the assignment.
  • Focus, really focus – but take intervals to rest. What I have found out is that I have a very short attention span. I could write a lot and effectively at times, but not for a long time.
  • Always proofread. This can’t be skipped.
  • Always submit an assignment, even if it’s unfinished. Just fucking submit. This can’t be skipped either. (Thank goodness, I didn’t miss my first assignment woohoohoo!)
  • Work the timeline from the deadline backwards and do the countdown.
  • Constantly check in with friends. My PR lecturer said we students don’t discuss nowadays. I think how painfully true that is. We talked about weather, food, how hard we’re struggling with assignment, travels and shits – but not so much about what actually we have learned. We take the knowledge in as what they are, but we don’t question or challenge it. This is sad reality.

As the deadline of the next assignment draws closer, sometimes i still freak out if I will constantly be stressed up with deadlines (both work and study ones) like this. In the next 2.5 years. But I guess it does no good to be scared of it. Perhaps I will just have to take the bulls by the horns and see how far I can go. The most challenging thing will (hopefully) be the most rewarding thing.

So just give me more coffee for now.


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