The first nandos

A few years back when G was studying in Melbourne, he often told me how much he liked Nando’s. It was pretty much the regular hangout spot with his mates.

The year he came back to Singapore, 2009, Nando’s opened their first restaurant in Bugis. Needless to say how happy he was. After a while waiting for the hype which expectedly happened to any new shop coming to Singapore to be over, we had our first Nando’s experience ever in Singapore. It didn’t turn out to be as great as expected. Perhaps, our expectations were too high, but the chicken wasn’t as fantastic as how I had imagined it to be.

As a result, that was the one and only meal at Nando’s that we had. Never came back.

Our second week here in Auckland, on one of the Fridays that we couldn’t decide what to eat, we gave Nando’s another chance. This time it did make a difference. Or was it because we were already drop dead hungry? Or the Nando’s in Auckland was simply better?

I don’t know man.

The truth is the draft of this post has stayed in my inbox for so long that I have even forgotten what the original purpose of it is. I shall rest my case here.


2 thoughts on “The first nandos

  1. I used to eat Nandos heaps when they first opened in Auckland but they really aren’t that amazing. I find their food a bit too sterile and their rice has a weird texture. There are better, more interesting chicken joints around.

    I do however, love their hot sauce. It’s full of flavour rather than being set to “burn”. They sell Nandos hot sauce at our supermarket so I don’t ever have to go back to Nandos again.


    • I think the grilled chicken does have a good aroma there; but yes it did taste pretty dry. What other chicken joints would you recommend?

      Oh and I didn’t know periperi sauce is available in supermarkets. I must definitely check it out. Thanks for letting me know.


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