Always #LikeAGirl

I feel like Always has finally heard of my annoyance with brands like Dove or Pantene who are trying way too hard than they should have to in order to grab the attention of 49% of the world population.

The ad has certainly hit the point when it brings up the question if people practically use #likeagirl as an insult. Perhaps mostly to men.

But then, right at the point, I’m confused.

If a boy/man is said to be doing something #likeagirl, I get it that he feels insulted as it implies that he is not doing it with his might. So in this instance, should girls feel insulted as well because they are the subject associated to something that is not strong, for which let’s be honest and agree that to some extent, this is true, due to the differences in the genders’ physiques. #insultception #awkwardmoment

If a girl is said to be doing something #likeagirl, should she take it as a compliment that she’s doing it with gentleness, grace and charm? Then wait, do you mean men don’t possess gentleness, grace and charm? Are you implying on insult on men here?

If a girl is asked to do something #likeagirl, does it mean that she shouldn’t do it #likeaboy which implies that she have to weave in gestures that make her look more like a girl (exactly like those adults in the video have portrayed when being asked to do it #likeagirl). But then if the person’s action happens to be that strong and firm, just the way they are, what exactly do you expect her to be #likeagirl?

See, I’m chasing a tail while obviously overthinking the scenarios and trying to depict the very meaning of a phase. Happens every single time when I’m caught with ambiguity and tricky lines. This is why I typically refuse to interpret things too much to derive them away from their face-value of meaning. In all cases, if it is an instruction or a comparison, I would prefer something clear-cut like: Can you run like a lion chasing after its prey? vs Can you run like a cat flirting her mate?. But then, clarity does not address the issue that this experiment is trying to tackle doesn’t it?

We will still have to live with prejudice and misconception, insensitive communication and unintentionally induced insult, confusion and ambiguity.

To conclude, as for me, I will not get affected by things that imply meaning that is not in my favour. When circumstances like this happen, I will question the intention by simply asking: Just to make me understand you exactly how I should, what do you mean by #likeagirl?


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