The 100 days project

Like most of my friends who I frequently speak to, I have tons of ideas in my mind but not half of them has been materialized to be a showcase.

One day, I want to create this movement to support agency suits and project managers. The other day, I want to write about hackers who are tirelessly trying to make this world a better place. On a regular basis, I would contemplate building a co-working space which is accessible to all hackerspace members. Beside these, there are ideas about an automated scooter, a glass-covered motorbike, an organic food provider in the neighbourhood.

And while I’m dreaming away, there are people producing stuff already. I mean, this video is a proof. It’s so inspiring to see how people can be so persistent and disciplined to stick to a goal for a period of 100 days. It really doesn’t have to be something that requires too much of time and efforts. Look at the 100-dresses project or the 100-monsters, super amazing isn’t it?

Creativity is where your head is, not  where your feet are.

Realistically, I think my 100 days project would be 1 Youtube video everyday. Absolutely achievable. Perhaps I have already passed that.


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