Why G said there was a type of spread that is a little salty, I was immediately sold. G said he doesn’t like it but he thought I would like it. I said that’s right, I love anything that’s salty and peppery.


So we’ve got a jar of Vegemite. A big one, cos we both strongly believed that Jenny would love salty stuff.


So one day I was home alone, G is at work, I ventured to the vegemite mystery on my own. I was so excited. The more the better I thought, so I spread 1cm think of the goodness onto the bread.


And I took the first bite.




The smell was weird. It was way too salty. I felt like my world has just stopped spinning for 10 seconds. How can this be something that G thought I would like? OMG. OMG. OMG.


I told G my traumatising experience with vegemite and he looked at the jar, can’t help being concerned: so we will never finish this? I didn’t want to waste food, I said: let me find a way to eat that properly.


And I did. I Googled. It turned out that the right way to eat vegemite for a beginner is always mixing it with melted butter and just use a little bit of vegemite. Not 1 mm thick as I did. I have even found a visual representation:


Src: Google image.


So we tried again last weekend. This time with toasted bread.


OMG. OMG. It was so yummy.


I was Gau was right in the end, I like this salty stuff. I just didn’t know how to ate it in the beginning. Now I can say, I’m truly sold to vegemite.

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