Sleepless in Auckland

I have had trouble sleeping recently. For the last few days, I went to bed at around 10AM, to find out that I wouldn’t be falling asleep until 1 or 2AM.

I often find myself thinking of things that have happened to me in the day, or things that will happen to me the next day. My mind gets busy and restless the moment a simple thought sparks. Hours later, I’m still rehearsing conversations and picturing possibilities. Sometimes, I’m too emerged in my own imagination that it gets my brain even more active.

It’s almost like if I’m bugged mentally before bedtime, I will never be able to fall asleep quickly.

Strangely enough, this sleeping disorder only happens when I resumed working again after a long hiatus of a few weeks. It seems like my body is still adapting between taking a break and working and vice versa.

Whatever that is, I’m excited to be working again. It’s really not about being a workaholic or being too bored. This is perfectly a moderation of getting a good rest and feeling energised and ready again.


4 thoughts on “Sleepless in Auckland

  1. I went through a stage of insomnia but after I realised I could function fine on a small amount of sleep, I relaxed. Try not to worry about lack of sleep, just know if your body really needs it, it will sleep. If your mind is going a mile a minute, just allow it to wander over topics. Make sure you eat well though. If you’re lacking in both sleep and nutrition, your body will be mad at you!


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