Why can’t schools focus on the whole child again? What???!

I come across this post on Why can’t school focus on the whole child again?. Basically the writer was gushing about how awesomely The Green School Bali had amazed him with its unique education system and environment.

I totally hear him out.

I wish I grew up running barefoot on the green grass catching grasshoppers with my friends. As a matter of fact, I have no idea how fun it could be. I can only gauge how fun it is based on the conversations my parents usually had with their friends or my friends’ parents about their good ol’ days. All of them – adults pity for us – the generation who doesn’t understand the connection with nature.

I have grown up being a city girl. My grandparents took care of us when my parents were working their asses off to fill our rice bowls. My friend was my sister, and later my school mates. The games we used to play were based on a set of imaginary rules that we all agreed to. No argument, no different mindset. That kind of fun was really good enough to keep kids like me happy for a while, until the pressure of schooling, homework, examination and score ranking hit us.

To be honest, I have always thought that one day if I’m blessed enough to have kids, I would want to give them the opportunities like The Green School Bali provides. On the other side, raising a kid or two is no jokes and realistically speaking, I have no clue if I would end up reaching out to our parents to take care of the kids for us while we work, like my parents did.

On the other spectrum of the matter, the very question “Why can’t schools focus on the whole child again?” is so intriguing that it sparks another questions.

  1. Why is that schools are the only point of discussion to focus on the whole child again? Where are families in the picture?
  2. Apparently, people nowadays are chasing after new technologies, ways to improve lives, this invention and that innovation. As a result, kids are turning themselves to be extremely tech-savvy too. Is this how we all want our kids to develop as a new generation? What else on the equation is also contributing to this reality?
  3. If we look at question 2 from the other side, if the parents today are spending hours locked up in the office while the kids are spending their days in the nature, what is the expectation of them coming to a common ground? I mean, will the kids understand how the adults are working the way they are and will parents understand and appreciate the very little joys children are having with nature?
  4. If we give children the ability to critique adults’ working environment and patterns, what will they say? Will they want their parents to work with the nature, running business barefoot on the green grass?

You know, sometimes, it bugs me so much how the world is driving blindly itself to a robotic system. Technologies have always been good and they should make our life better. However, I feel like we are relying too much on technologies, Internet, machines, apps, and all that stuff. I can’t articulate but I feel something is not so right here.


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