Back off from picking on women yo.

I am writing this today because I’m annoyed. And I’m annoyed because I have just watched ‘Not Sorry’ by Patene #shinestrong.

I agree with the fact that women tend to say ‘Sorry’ a lot more than men do. But for all I’ve known, that’s just an observationn. Why do women say ‘Sorry’ that often, I don’t know. I haven’t come across any report or analysis on why women typically behave that way.

The implication that I’ve got from this video is women are not strong (and don’t shine?!), therefore they feel sorry in circumstances like rejecting a colleague or asking the husband to hold the baby. Eventually, that translates to them saying Sorry. I hope my comprehension is failing me here but this is exactly and genuinely what I’ve got from watching the video, working it backwards.

I’m a woman and I don’t say Sorry if I don’t think I’m at fault.
My husband says Sorry a lot and that’s because he’s overly polite.
My dad says Sorry a lot too because he is another overly polite man.

You can say that I hang out with the wrong crowd, but that’s not my point.

I think the assumption that women are always feeling sorry because they are women is ridiculous. Groundless and completely out of nowhere.

My annoyance has probably added up since the day I’ve watched Dove Real Beauty Sketches.

And then I found out about Dove Patches and so on.

All these ads are making me sick. They, perhaps unintentionally, are painting a picture of a large number of women having low self-esteem, weak and self destructive. These ads are not empowering women. They are putting women in the spotlight, pointing out the characteristics that are typically observed in them, labelling those ‘bad’ and advising them to change.

What the heck?! C’mon guys, we are not that bad. We don’t need to be lectured. You need to give women a break and stop thinking that we are stupid. This is definitely quite offending.

On the second thought, I think this is the case of messaging. In fact, I’m totally fine with the way each ad opens up about the issue, be it that women saying Sorry too much or women thinking they are ugly. But if the ads stop just right there and not throw out cheesy lines like ‘Don’t be sorry’ or ‘You are more beautiful than you think’, viewers will be given a chance to have their own conclusion about the issue presented. In short, I’m saying that I’m feeling lectured how Dove is trying to tell me I’m more beautiful than I think (of course, I am, I know that, what are you talking about) or Patene is asking me not to be sorry (hell no, I’m not, in any circumstances).

With this, I rest my case.


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