Click Madness NZ [Friday 13th]

Click Madness - About


But then when it happened, it wasn’t that exciting. I mean I came from a place where I usually shopped to kill time. I used to buy stuff which was dirt cheap when they were at 70% sale and I could see clearly a huge drop from the original price to the sale price. For example: I could get a bunch of decent shirts at $10, while they were usually sold at $50. That’s the concept of sale i was looking at.

I expect Click Madness – as it’s said to be the Biggest Online Sale in NZ to hold the same vibe.

Click Madness

I was literally just waiting for the click to tick 9.00AM and I jumped straight to the site. Disappointingly for me, the percentage cut I was looking at was merely 30%. Or at least for those items I’m really interested in. A tube of BB cream usually costs $27, now it’s on sale for $25. Let’s be honest, $2 is not really compelling.

I know i should appreciate all kinds of savings one can make. My point here is my expectation about sale here was totally not suitable to the context.

Let’s conclude my disappointment as such:
– Shopping is Singapore is definitely more wonderful.
– As long as there is a price cut, that is a sale, no matter the percentage.

On a side note. It’s Friday 13th, like black cat – always a lucky thing for me 🙂

It’s always weekend and I can’t wait to spend time with my boy. Can’t simply wait.


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