Mission Bay

My ex-housemates (funny how I’ve been here for merely a month and I have already had ex-housemates) asked me if I would like to go to ‘Machine Bay’ the other day. I figured out later it was ‘Mission Bay‘. LOL.

photo 1
Lovely white sand

It took probably 15 – 20 mins drive from the city centre. The view on the way there is absolutely stunning. Kiwis here tell me they feel like they are in a foreign country when they are 2-hour drive away from the city – now I have seen and totally understood what they mean.

photo 2
Active volcano at the beachfront

Mission Bay is the only beach in Auckland where you will find food around – that was what my ex-housemates told me. In fact, we were visiting my ex-housemates’ friends who works at Oporto there, so she gave us some really yummy burgers. Delicious bites on a spectacular freezing beach – about right.

The sand is really picturesque. What I saw there was very much a typical movie scene: couples wandering hand in hand, baby boy running along the coastline with his dog, baby girl building a sand castle… oh so peaceful.

My friends said the volcano is active and it can erupt anytime. I was thankful it didn’t when I was there.

photo 3
Sunset at Mission Bay

Sun set pretty early at Mission Bay. We were at the beach for mostly an hour and the sky had changed its color just within the hour. So, there it goes, the beautiful sunset by the beach.

Find out more about Mission Bay.


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