I can do this.

You know sometimes when people wants to say a word or two to encourage others to do something, they shout: Fighting?!

Or to be more specific, this is most practised among Asian people like the Chinese, the Taiwanese, the Korean, Singaporeans, and the Vietnamese.

I am not sure how the trend started. But if I’m not wrong, it was from the series Meteor Garden.

I have never been a fan of this saying or this practice, given the fact I’m a true-blue Asian and in my last 15 years in Asia, people said this to me almost on a daily basis.

Often times when I heard this, my first thought was be: What am I fighting against?

A case in point, I have to work hard for an exam. My aim is to pass the exam, or in certain scenarios: score high. Clearly, this objective has nothing to do with literally fighting against anything. And I don’t like to think people mean it rhetorically myself and time. Why do I have to ‘fight’ against myself and time?! Another possibility, they can mean ‘any possible adversary’ that can happen. Well, if it doesn’t happen yet, what am I fighting against again?

I would rather have people say ‘Good luck‘ to me.

That aside, my favourite line will be ‘You can do it‘. As I recall, I heard only 3 people say this to me and 2 of them were my ex-bosses. For those 3 times, I did great. There must be some magical spell casted into that line.


Right, so I hear you say ‘What if you can’t do it?‘ I don’t know man, a ‘Good luck‘ will suffice then.

For today, I will say to myself ‘I can do this.‘ 😀


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