Work out 101

I have been very much in a fangirl mood to the incredibly sizzling siblings Derek and Julianne Hough after watching Make your move.

Somewhere along the way, I searched for their interviews (and by the way, Derek is the sweetest brother out there in the world and I’m absolutely his fan right now. And Julianne is extremely cute and down to earth. Urgh… too much goodness in these blondies.), I found a video of Julianne teaching some work out exercices.

And, here’s the thing I have come across this.

Out of boredom, I got on my feet and followed the steps and omg! these little steps drained me. I mean, who could have told this is this tiring man while it looks so easy?

If you’d like more eye candies, check this:

As a matter of fact, I totally love these ‘little steps‘ now. It’s so fun with the music and the movements are totally affordable (read: anyone can do it). Let’s see if I can keep up with this or to be exact, how long I can keep up with this 😛



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