Grilled red snapper


What you will need?

– An oven. If you don’t have one, just forget about this.
– A fresh red snapper
– Lemon
– Pepper
– Salt
– Oil
– Aluminum foil

Preparation: 2 minutes. Cooking time: 45 mins

– When I bought my fish from the supermarket, I asked the staff to help me clean up the fish so I didn’t have to bother doing that before cooking.
– Marinate the fish with salt and pepper for 15 minutes. Add a few drops of lemon if you want to.
– When the marination is timed up, apply a thin layer of oil over the fish and put it on the aluminum foil. The oil will keep the fish skin from sticking to the aluminum foil.
– Add some slices of lemon on top of the fish and use the aluminum foil to wrap up the fish.
– There you go, toss the fish into the oven (set at 170 deg) for 30 mins then you will have a grilled red snapper that smells like heaven.


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