Fried grass noodle


What you will need?

– Grass noodle (should be available at all supermarkets or Asian supermarkets)
– Celery
– Dried shrimps
– Mushrooms
– Fish sauce (or any other spices you’d like to use but Vietnamese people love fish sauce.)
– Black pepper (optional)

This will take you only 15 minutes.

– Place the grass noodle in cold water to soften it. (Hot water will reduce the chewiness of the noodle.)
– Briefly clean the shrimps and mushrooms. If you’re not so OCD, ignore this step.
– Leave the shrimps and mushrooms in hot water.
– Slice the celery into smaller bits.
– Heat up the pan with oil.
– Pour the celery in first and stir-fry.
– When you see the celery has become a little softer and edible, it’s time to drop the shrimps and mushrooms in.
– If the mixture looks too dry to your liking, you can pour a little water which soaks up the shrimps and mushrooms before to the pan. It will surely add up the fragrance.
– Stir fry for 2 minutes and drop the grass noodle in.
– Add fish sauce and black pepper.
– Keep stir fry until you’ve reach the dryness that you want.

For me, I love dry noodle with a little bit of over-burn crispiness so I usually leave the pan on for a while after all the ingredients are in.

That’s it. Too easy for a quick meal with no complicated preparation.


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