Living with cats

I have never really experienced a life with cats until recently, I moved in to a new house and a flatmate keeps these 2 adorable cats.


At first, I found them quite cute. Their fur is smooth and they didn’t meow so much. They would be quite curious with our stuff and they incessantly attempted to enter our room.

They are still pretty much the same. But the first impression is no longer there.


Their fur is still smooth and they still don’t meow. But I’m getting bored with them being cats. I mean, I would be more interested in looking at others’ cats on Youtube videos who can be funny, cute and so much more entertaining. These cats – they pull my clothes off the hanger, they dig my trash bin and they scratch my thighs when i’m trying to have a proper meal.

If I have a chance, I would love to have a conversation with these 2 cats to iron out our expectations but never mind, that will never happen.

I guess, in the end, I still don’t love cats like I thought I could.

#whatasillypostaboutcats #idontknowwhativejustwritten #nevermind


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