9 things about Singapore

I have been in Singapore for 9 years.

So I reckon there are 9 things I like about Singapore which makes up Singapore for me.

Generally, you can walk down on the street at 3AM without being bugged by unwanted company.

Lightening fast Internet. YouTube, Spotify streaming… all day everyday.

Non-stop upgrading
Build. Renovate. Build again. Renovate. Build again. Renovate.
Singapore is changing its face by minutes.

The Great Singapore Sale. In other words, shopping!

Asian families
All the uncles, aunties, brothers … I miss you.

Public transport
SBS, SMRT, I appreciate you.

One-dollar ice-cream
Instant happiness boost.

Restless entrepreneurs.
I’m deeply impressed and influenced by all the smart, ambitious and committed entrepreneur friends I’ve got to meet here in Singapore. The start-up scene is almost one of the most happening communities in Asia.

Everything can happen just too fast.
We deliver a Facebook app in 5 days. It took me 15 minutes from the moment I step out of any plane to when I get out of the airport. Even my ROM took me only 5 minutes.

‘Till next time.

Singapore_image_1.jpg Src


2 thoughts on “9 things about Singapore

  1. I went to Singapore a few years ago and loved it, would love to go back for a stopover for a few days on the way to some where else, maybe Europe. I love how efficient the public transport system is!


    • Yea the public transport system is amazing in Singapore. However, as strange as it may sound, Singaporeans are still complaining quite a lot about it.


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