My first bake

Well, I really wanted to make this gluten-free cookie which seems to be so quick, easy and with ingredients that don’t sound like an alien.

I hit the supermarket with my boy today and hunted down for the stuff. However, I couldn’t find ‘xantham gum’ so I picked gelatin instead. (Ref, xantham gum is available here, $5.50). I couldn’t get ‘agave’ as well so I got SugroMax which didn’t seem to be a good choice.

Anyways, the mix turned out to be perfect.

Thanks to vanilla, chocolate chips and perhaps SugroMax, the mix did sound like cookies.

I set the oven to be 180degC for 10 minutes. However, when i poked the chopstick inside the cookie, the inside appeared to be soft and didn’t gel at all. So I continued to leave it in the oven for a while more and went ahead with my dinner.

When I checked on the cookies again, the form disappeared 😦 It was now just grilled flavoured oats to me. So B said he wanted to grab yogurt to give it a makeover.

In the end, we have this awesome dessert.

So I failed in baking cookies. In my defense, I’ve had a lot of dessert to spare πŸ˜›


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