A call to Jetstar

I figure that the Skype account of Jetstar’s only handles cases with Australia bound flights. A nice idea though.

So, I had to call in anyways.

After 15 minutes of waiting, I was greeted by a machine. The conversation went like this in summary:

Machine: Press 1 for English …
Machine: What do you want enquire about?

At first, I was a little shocked. How could a machine understand what I want if I just converse with it as with humans. I wanted to try anyway. Being such a considerate human, I just said one keyword.

Machine: Which is your departing city?
Me: Singapore
Machine: Which is the city you’re going to?
Machine: Tell me your flight number
Me: ABC1234
Machine: Tell me your booking reference
Me: SQ123
Machine: Please tell me your first name and last time

I had to take a step back here. Usually, when I’m asked this question by a customer service staff, I will spell my name to him/her. However, now with a machine, I don’t think it takes spelling as ‘spelling’. Still, I tried.

Me: ABC (Vietnamese name. I made it as slow and clear as possible)
Machine: I’m sorry. I didn’t catch it.
Me: A B C
Machine: Your first name and last name.
Me: A B C
Machine: Please hold on, I will transfer you to an officer.


I have to say that this machine so impressed me. It could catch all the info that I gave; however, this name thing is so unexpected.

I was wondering if customers of other nationalities have encountered similar experience?

Some workarounds perhaps below:

1. Ask the customer for his/her name first.
If the machine doesn’t get it, it can get the officer right away without wasting the customer’s time to go through other details.

2. Ask the customer to spell his/her name instead

3. Ignore the name part totally
Why is it important anyways? There are other identifiers one can use like DOB?

What a shame that I had to stop short. Will really love to see what else Jetstar auto-reply machine can do 😛

432-jetstar.jpg Img


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