Vietnam Idol 2014

I love this season for so many reasons.

For what I last knew, the show is left with 3 humble contestants and all of them are extremely good. I mean, seriously good good. What I like about these guys this year is they seem to be so humble and sincere. Dong Hung has a contagiously happy smile. Minh Thuy is just so cute that I want to keep her in my pocket. Nhat Thuy is extraordinary in her performance.

I can’t decide for myself who I want to be crowned with Vietnam Idol 2014. Minh Thuy seems to be in the best favour for her personality. Dong Hung is of course a different flavour in the trio – maybe this will help him, I don’t know. Nhat Thuy, in my honest opinion, always delivers. Man, I really don’t know.

Here are my most favourite performances from three of them.

Dong Hung – Nhin lai

Minh Thuy – Doc buoc

Nhat Thuy – Vet mua


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