today’s realisation

I feel like I haven’t been really ‘living’ for the last 2 months. Such a scary feeling when I have been deeply focusing on something for a while, for a minute I stop and look around, I realise I don’t know what’s happening around me.

Anyhoo, leave the emotional drama aside, here’s some realisation of today when I stop and stare.

  • Reunited with my uni friends over a friend’s baby shower, they asked me what I’m doing. I said I’m in an advertising agency. None of them had an idea what advertising is. I thought ‘advertising’ is common sense, obviously it’s not.
  • I find it really hard to explain my work to people in Vietnamese. #justafact.
  • Had some issue with opening a PowerPoint deck on my Mac today. The file appeared somewhere out of the viewport and I couldn’t manage to drag it in by any means. I was literally frustrated. For a minute, I was feeling disappointed of myself for not knowing how to fix this shit. And also scared, for thinking if it was just me who didn’t know how to figure this thing out.
  • Went to Watsons. Oh, mother of discounts and promotions going on. I definitely prefer the price tags that said: “Now $XX (UP. $YY)” than “Buy 1 get 1 free (UP. $YY)”. The difference is I don’t need to deal with my math (that sucks) with the former, as long as I know how much I have to pay.
  • Browsed and bought some stuff online. Some deal aggregator websites do really suck. But the deals were just too good that I braved to make some purchase. This got me thinking: is the user experience that important when your content is good and unique? Most of the time, we are trying really hard to explain something that we think it’s ‘easy to understand‘ to people. Isn’t this ironical? If it’s easy to get, people will get it, why do we have to even explain? Sigh…
  • When I’m unhappy, I don’t want to hang out with happy people. I’m tired of hiding my unhappiness to be in a happy gathering. I don’t want to lie that ‘everything is alright’ and I’m afraid I couldn’t help myself but complaining. Although a part of me wishes to join the fun, I’d rather stay in and get some physical rest. It seemed like a good decision.
  • Cream eyeshadow works amazingly with a finger. I have had this squad for like the longest time and I remember every time i used it with a brush, I created a mess on my face. Not until yesterday when I reorganised my make-up, I randomly used the ring finger to swatch and dab a little cream on my eyelids and woah, the shimmer worked its shimmery and from now moment on, I said I will wear this everyday.Inline image 3 (Src)

Off-track, my ring of the day. Heehee.


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