Creating my portfolio site: Getting help (p2)

I reckon I would need a lot of help. For everything.

So I think it’d be good to establish a sort of pre-empt. At the same time, get an idea whether who’s comfortable or willing to help me and who’s not.

This practice is totally not to filter ‘true’ friends or whatsoever. I’m totally cool with people saying No to me, I would just like to make sure that I won’t come to them all in a sudden, asking for help without giving them a heads-up, while I actually can do that. And I should do that.

That’s a long explanation.

Anyways, I asked my ‘big bro’ who used to be my ‘copywriter’ ex-colleague. He said:

Then, I asked my developer colleague to help me with coding any setting up all that’s needed. He said ‘get your rate card and your scope up first’.

In a way, this makes me think perhaps I should present my problem clearly as and when it comes.

Putting myself in the shoes of Nic and Ro, I understand I myself would potentially say No as well to a similar request for not knowing what exactly what I will have to commit to.

Alright then! Bug them later.


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