Creating my portfolio site: Background (p1)

The other day, when I was just surfing the interwebs in Hanoi and I shot this on twitter:

After that, I was really thinking, why don’t I just bring myself up to do it?!

Here’s a few things:

  • Nobody would believe but I used to design a lot, a lot. I was helping a freelance Art Director with a series of exhibition projects at Singapore Science Center. For the first time in my life, I felt damn proud of myself and what I created, looking at my work featured in the centre and having an all-access staff card. On the other hand, I was earning SGD1,500 a month from this design internship, while my friends were earning like SGD500-600 for their internships. Muahaha. Not so bad yea?!
  • I had a Computing degree. Supposedly, I should be well-versed in Java, PHP, JSP, PHP, HTML, CSS etc and etc. Two huge projects I completed in uni are 1. creating a ticket-booking site (e-commerce) and 2. building a desktop application (software). Of cos, I was lucky enough to be in the groups with the best coders in class. Still, I couldn’t remember how I passed uni. Anyways, I literally didn’t touch coding at all after graduation. However, that doesn’t mean what I learned doesn’t help me at work. I have just enough of technical knowledge & the ability to understand a high-level of technical stuff to explain certain things to my client (sounds vague but it is what it is). On a side note, I spent some brutal thousands of hours ‘massaging’ HTML codes in my previous job.
  • I can do wireframing – it’s the nature of my job that I had to pick this up. In fact, I love doing this. It will get to me if for any reason, wireframing is skipped for any web/app project.
  • I love IA. I mean, it’s such a headache. But getting things organized and made sense is so fulfilling. And I believe, content is the most important above all.
  • I like writing. I’m not good at it at all. But I’d like to pick up writing and learn how to write more.

That’s said, I think (I think!) I should be able to create a really simple website.

On a side note, I’ve been thinking for the longest time about a portfolio site. Honestly, I have only seen portfolios of creative folks, not so many for account/project managers. So, the content part is definitely a challenge by itself.

What a comprehensive background of something that hasn’t even existed lol.
Let’s see how I roll then.

I don’t know how far I will go on this personal project thingy. At least starting on this allows me to revisit some skills that I have put up on the shelf for so long and at the same time, challenges me to train/learn new things. That alone is enough of a motivation.


Found this image on Google Image Search. So apt, SO FUNNY!


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