I must be in a very bad mood now.

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– I don’t know if screaming FML will ever help make a shitty situation less shitty but to me it’s more like a command: c’mon yes please do fuck my life.

– I don’t even know where this word originates from, perhaps from that F4 Taiwan show 3943720 years ago. To me, ‘fighting’ in most circumstances creates a negative vibe. If I want to do something, I will try my best to do it; what’s there to fight for if not for the freedom of the country? Sorry, I digress. But I’d like to use DOING – LOL, closer to reality or GETTING THERE – at least it sparks some progress positively no?

Rain, rain go away!
Flu, flu go away!
– Right, as if rain and flu can hear you. Stop being so cheesy!

Home sweet home
– Just quit overusing it la everybodei.

God bless
– Bless who?

– Excuse who?


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