of some random vietnamese people and music

I love the name of Michelle Phan‘s new makeup brand. And so love the way she curates it.

Talking about Vietnamese, I’ve been putting this Forever Alone song on non-stop mode, like for a few days already.

What I like about this song:
– Of course, it’s easy to listen to. I can’t help but grooving with the rhythm. And the tune’s stuck in my head.
– The lyric is clean! Not only clean, it’s very positive and quite poetic too! I didn’t expect the lyrics to be this so nice, that’s why I so love it.

Ngoài kia đôi lứa đang say mê chung đôi vui buồn có nhau
Ngồi đây tôi hát cho riêng mỗi mình mình vui buồn chỉ có tôi
Dừng chân đôi lúc trên con đường dài không có ai để nhớ thương
Thì ra hạnh phúc bấy lâu nay tôi tìm là được tung hoành khắp 4 phương
Đông, Tây và Nam, Bắc (Tôi đi…)
Chẳng cần 1 ai hết (Tôi đi…)
Cô đơn nhưng tôi chắc
Rằng mình luôn yêu mến cuộc sống muôn màu

Translation (I try my best)

Couples around being together, sharing their moments
I’m here alone, singing about my own happiness and sadness
Taking a break on a long journey, I have no one to miss
And I realize the happiness I’ve been having is traveling around

East, West and South, North (Let’s go!)
I don’t need anyone (Let’s go!)
Lonely but I’m sure
That I will forever love this wonderful life.

OMG, so nice or what?! Song with lyric like this makes me happy! Such awesome shit.

What’s more, this song is written, produced and sung by the talented Justatee – my new ear candy. Born 1990, this young man is truly an inspiration.

Inline image 1

What I like about him:
– He can compose, mix, produce, sing, rap, dance, play basketball. That’s really already too much. Bonus point for looking good with snapbacks lol.
– His music meets my ears. Love Người Lạ Nơi Cuối Con Đường (live version), She neva knows, others… And of cos, Forever Alone!!!
– He’s good at singing/rapping live. Like seriously good.
– When singing live, he always adds his a different flavor to the song which makes it not sound like the recorded version. Watch Forever Alone here and here, you’ll know what I mean.
– Again, boys in basketball jerseys and snapbacks just score bonus points la!

Okay, whatever I’m off to do UAT again.


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