Pocket & ProjectLibre #webWednesday #workWednesday

I have discovered these 2 gems over the weekend.

POCKET: http://getpocket.com/ 

Put articles, videos or pretty much anything into Pocket. Save directly from your browser or from apps like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite.

Awesome right? Definitely solve my problem of having 239859328438924729 tabs open, which often makes my browsers (yes, browsers) crash. The add-on for Chrome allows you to save a page with simply just a click and does even provide you with tagging options.

And I love the ‘cloud’ concept that Pocket allows me save articles anywhere and retrieve them back anywhere.

Too cool not to miss this app!

PROJECT LIBRE: http://www.projectlibre.org/

For all these years, I have always used Excel to create project timelines at work. Mostly, I love the idea of using Excel on Google Drive which is easy & convenient to share, collaborate with others and edit/update anytime.

Thing is, my colleague is handing over some of her projects to me for which, the project timelines were created using Microsoft Project. I attempted to recreate the timelines using Excel over the weekend but I gave up. Those are big projects with a fair amount of milestones, sequences and dependencies which Excel appears to be of a disadvantage for not being able to adjust the milestones and sequences accordingly when there’s a change in progress.

Another funny thing is my personal Mac has no Microsoft Office products. (Seriously, I have no Word, Excel and Powerpoint. I work around by using these services on Google Drive. Now you see how much I love Google Drive yea?!). I’m left with no choice but finding a Microsoft Project-equivalent product that can work on iOS.

And I’ve found ProjectLibre.

Honestly, I have never used Microsoft Project before so I can’t compare. But I’ve just recreated a project timeline and it is oh.so.easy. And what else I love about this product?

– It’s FREE. Like, OMG! It’s so cool and it’s Free!!! (I love open source x 1000)
– It generates a timeline which does look pretty much like one of MS Project. Creating project timeline is pretty easy. (I shall explore other features like Resources next week)
– It can export .xml, .pdf files and those that can be opened by MS Project. Sweet, that means my colleague can open my project timeline even if she prefers using MS Project.

Thank goodness someone built this for Mac!


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